What Is voluntary student accident insurance

South Texas College makes available to all enrolling students accident insurance coverage. Such coverage is voluntary and must be purchased by the student each semester. Here are some of the benefits of such voluntary student accident insurance.

South Texas College makes available to all enrolling students accident insurance coverage. Such coverage is voluntary and must be purchased by the student each semester. All students are encouraged to purchase voluntary student accident insurance to avoid financial hardship if involved in an accident during the school year but are not required to do so.

South Texas College makes available to all enrolling students accident insurance coverage. Such coverage is voluntary and must be purchased by the student each semester. Though this might seem like an unnecessary expense, the purpose of this article is to explain the benefits of voluntary student accident insurance and why you should consider purchasing it even if you’re not planning on participating in risky activities or driving a vehicle on campus.

Understanding Why You Need Voluntary Student Accident Insurance

Since you don’t have to purchase it, you might be wondering why voluntary student accident insurance is important. Here are some reasons that can help you see how valuable these policies are: • Coverage under voluntary student accident insurance starts immediately as soon as you enroll in college. • No physical exam is required for coverage. • There is no waiting period. • It covers an entire year or any part of a year, starting from when you enroll in school and lasting until one year after graduation. Any injuries sustained while on campus or during school-sponsored activities will be covered by your voluntary student accident insurance.

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How Can I Get This Coverage?

The South Texas College Student Health Office is a convenient and cost-effective way to get student accident insurance coverage. Simply stop by SSC’s cafeteria during business hours, Monday through Friday.

  • From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., our trained staff will provide you with all you need to know about purchasing your voluntary student accident insurance coverage for that semester only — it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Be sure to come early for us to answer any questions you may have and make sure you fill out your paperwork before leaving so we can process your purchase quickly!

What Is Covered Under The Policy?

The voluntary student accident insurance is provided by an independent insurer and will pay a benefit to or on behalf of an insured student who suffers an accidental bodily injury that arises out of, and in the course of, his or her instruction, employment, or activities at South Texas College. The policy does not provide coverage for ordinary sicknesses or injuries that are not accidental.

  • The policy does not provide medical payments coverage (medical expense benefits) for expenses arising from pre-existing conditions that have been diagnosed by a physician before enrollment with South Texas College.
  • However, if it is determined that your pre-existing condition was aggravated while you were an enrolled student at South Texas College, then your enrollment may be extended long enough to cover your pre-existing condition only.

Who Is Eligible To Purchase Voluntary Student Accident Insurance?

Any registered student at South Texas College may purchase voluntary student accident insurance coverage. However, to do so, a student must be able to present proof that they are financially responsible for themselves by providing documentation of having health insurance or proof that they are financially covered through another source. Such coverage is good for 365 days from when it was purchased and will provide coverage for accidents, injuries, theft, and vandalism. In case of emergency medical expenses, you should always contact your healthcare provider by your normal care.

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Where Do I Purchase This Coverage?

You can purchase accident insurance for $1.25 per semester credit hour. This means that if you are taking 12 hours, or six classes, you will be required to purchase six semesters’ worth for $72 ($1.25 x 6 semesters). The charge will appear on your fee bill each semester as SAAA (Student Accident Insurance) and should be paid along with your other fees before the tuition due date.

When Can I Buy The Coverage?

  • The earliest date to purchase coverage is Monday, August 18th.
  • The last day for a fall semester student to purchase voluntary accident insurance is Friday, September 9th.
  • Coverage that extends beyond September 9th may be purchased at any time during normal business hours through Friday, October 14th.
  • Coverage will be applied towards any previously unpaid balance after late registration begins on Tuesday, October 17th.
  • This is because voluntary accident insurance premiums are included in your tuition bill and paid directly to South Texas College when you pay your tuition online with a credit card (no check or cash payment).

No coverage will be issued without full payment of tuition at least one week before registration for classes beginning on Thursday, November 1st.

Are There Any Restrictions On Buying Or Receiving A Payment From This Policy?

Yes. You are not eligible to receive a payment from the policy if you were convicted in any court of law for robbery, burglary, or theft; have been suspended or expelled from any institution of higher education; have been arrested for certain alcohol/drug-related violations; and/or have received a dishonorable discharge from any branch of service in which you were serving at the time of injury. If it is determined that your behavior on or near campus contributed to an accident and there is no evidence that another party was negligent, then you may be denied coverage.



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