U.N. Launches Fund to Foster Cheaper Loans, Green Development for Africa

One of the biggest obstacles to sustainable development in Africa is the lack of credit and capital for small businesses and entrepreneurs. To address this problem, the United Nations announced plans last week to create a new fund that would be used to extend cheaper loans to African entrepreneurs and companies so they can develop their businesses using more sustainable methods. According to the U.N., this fund will help green businesses flourish by providing them with access to capital at reduced interest rates, hopefully encouraging more environmentally-friendly business practices across the continent.


The United Nations Development Program has launched a $1 billion fund to spur affordable financing and green development in sub-Saharan Africa, the poorest region of the world. The program seeks to eliminate the barriers to financing, including institutional arrangements and instruments as well as legal, regulatory and policy frameworks that inhibit sustainable private sector investment, said Achim Steiner, the agency’s executive director.

Loans to women

The United Nations has announced the launch of a fund to foster cheaper loans and green development in Africa to reduce poverty in the continent and prevent further degradation of its environment. The Green Development Facility will pool funds from several other U.N.-affiliated financial institutions, such as the African Development

Bank, to provide subsidized loans at more reasonable rates than those offered by private banks – making them easier to pay back and increasing the likelihood that projects funded with these funds are successful over the long term.

U.N. Calls For $3 Billion For New ‘Africa-Led’ Infrastructure Push

The United Nations has launched a new fund that aims to raise $3 billion to foster cheaper loans and green development across Africa. According to reports by The Guardian, officials hope that such a push will lift Africa out of poverty through infrastructure investments…



African Infrastructure Investment Plans Lagging On Financing

The U.N. has launched a fund to foster cheaper loans and green development in African infrastructure projects, but experts say current financing plans are lagging behind the goal of $56 billion annually by 2022 set last year by global lender ‘Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program’.

African Infrastructure Investors Look For Long-Term Pacts

The United Nations is hoping to foster cheaper loans and green development in Africa through its new $500 million Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa program. The fund aims to raise at least $100 million from private companies and investors over three years by encouraging long-term partnerships between developed and developing nations in exchange for investment guarantees.


AFRIFO Will Speed Up Financing And Infrastructural Development In Africa

The newly launched African Financing and Infrastructure Facility (AFRIFO) will lower funding costs and spur growth in green economic development across the continent by increasing access to cheaper loans. AFRIFO was announced Tuesday by Ban Ki-moon at an entrepreneurship forum hosted by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). It is a public-private partnership with over 20 governments as well as non-profit organizations committed to providing on-the-ground financing solutions in sub-Saharan Africa.

How To Appy For UN Development In Africa Loan

The United Nations has launched a fund to foster cheaper loans and green development in Africa. With a budget of $50 million, The UN Sustainable Energy fund will improve access to renewable energy in sub-Saharan African countries. An estimated 600 million people across that region lack reliable access to electricity and modern fuels, said John Holmes, executive director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

Qualified Countries UN Development In Africa Loan

  • All African countries are eligible to apply for the loan to foster Green Revolution against climate change.
  • Criteria are to be able to show experience in Green and agricultural innovation and business to be able to access the un loan Grant.
  • The United Nations launched on Tuesday a fund designed to give cheaper loans and green development support to African countries struggling with poverty and climate change…

Also under its mandate, [the fund] would ensure that at least 10 percent of all funds provided by donors are earmarked for green development projects in developing countries… Countries contributing at least 0.001 percent of their gross national income will be eligible to receive interest-free loans from [the fund]. Lending rates are expected to range between 2 and 3 percent per year.



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