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Instagram Verification

If you want to know how to get verified on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’ll give some tips to help you qualify for instagram verification.


Instagram Verification – What It Means

Instagram verification is how you prove that your Instagram account is the authentic presence of a notable personality, celebrity or global brand.

You’ve probably seen many verification badges around, like Twitter, Facebook and, yes, Tinder, the small blue checkmarks are meant to point that the platform has confirmed the account in question is trustworthy, or they’re who they assert they’re .

These badges are designed to form the important accounts stand out, in order that Instagram users are often sure they’re following the proper person or brand. They’re easy to identify in search results and on profiles, and that they convey authority.


Who can be verified?

Anyone can apply to get verified on Instagram. However, Instagram is notoriously selective about who actually gets verified. So, if you’re running an account that’s right the cusp of “notable,” how does one know if you meet the criteria?

Just because you’ve got a blue checkmark on Twitter or Facebook, as an example , doesn’t guarantee you’ll get one on Instagram.

Here is what we do realize eligibility.

First of all, you must adhere to the network’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. On top of that, your account must meet each of these criteria:

  • Authentic: are you a true person, registered business, or brand? you can’t be a meme page or a lover account.
  • Unique: just one account per person or business can get Instagram verified, with exceptions for language-specific accounts.
  • Public: private Instagram accounts don’t qualify for verification.
  • Complete: does one have an entire bio, profile photo, and a minimum of one post?
  • Notable: this is often where things get subjective, but Instagram defines a notable name together that’s “well-known” and “highly looked for .”

If you’re relatively confident you meet these criteria, otherwise you just desire rolling the dice, it’s time to travel ahead and verify your Instagram account.


Tips To Get Verified

Yes, anyone can apply for verification on Instagram. But actually getting approved is a lot tougher. So we compiled the best practices that will maximize your chances of success as you move forward with your quest to prove your brand’s noteworthiness

1. Don’t try to buy a verification badge

We need to get this one out of the way first: that guy in your comments who says his friend works for Instagram? Please do not give him money. Same goes for any third-party app or random account that offers “full refunds.” Same goes for an account that DMs you because they want to sell you their badge because they “don’t need it anymore.”

Instagram scammers know that people and businesses feel outsized emotions about the blue checkmark, and some are pretty effective at appearing legit, so stay on your guard. And remember that Instagram will never request payment, and will never contact you.

The only way to get verified is through the official form.

2. You need to monitor for impostor accounts

If you’re struggling with persistent unauthorized, fake, or fan accounts impersonating your brand, then we have good news for you. You’re a prime candidate for verification on Instagram. After all, distinguishing real accounts from fake ones is verification’s stated purpose.

You’ll want to monitor and document these accounts using a social media monitoring tool like Zerofox’s Hootsuite integration.

3. Get more real followers

Look, we don’t have the numbers but it honestly feels sometimes like you need a ridiculous number of followers in order to get verified. There is absolutely no evidence that this is a real rule, actually, what is more likely is that as people or brands get more noteworthy on and off Instagram, follower counts rise alongside.

4. Delete any cross-platform links in your bio

Instagram insists that verified accounts can’t have so-called “add me” links to other social media services in their Instagram profiles. You can include links to your website, landing pages, or other online properties, just definitely don’t link to your YouTube or Twitter account.

5. You need to be highly-searched for

Social media is all about organic discovery (this is what the Instagram Explore page is for, anyway). But when it comes to verification, Instagram wants to know if people care about you enough to tear themselves away from the seductions of the feed and spontaneously type your name into the search bar.

6. Work with an agency or publicist

If you have the budget and the ambition, hire a reputable digital agency who has access to Facebook’s Media Partner Support tools. Your publicist or agent will be able to submit requests to claim usernames, merge accounts, and get accounts verified through their industry-only portal.

7. Be honest in all approach

In your application to be verified, you have to be truthful above all else.

Use your real name. Choose an appropriate category. Definitely don’t falsify any government documents.

If you stretch the truth anywhere in your application, Instagram will not only deny your request, but it may delete your account as well.

8. Make sure your profile and bio are complete and effective

Instagram’s listed requirements for verification (a bio, a profile pic and one post?) are a low bar. You don’t just want to meet it. You want to hurtle over it.

Optimizing your Instagram bio will not just impress the verification team when they come to check you out, but can pay ongoing dividends in the form of new followers and conversions.

9. Try again if you’re turned down the first time

If, after all your hard work, Instagram comes back with a rejection, embrace the opportunity to zero in on your goals and redouble your efforts.



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