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Kick start your day with a healthy boost of caffeine from hempworx hemp-infused coffee and added benefits of CBD.

Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee delivers just the right amount of caffeine, improves focus, and keeps you active all day long.

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Kick start your day with a healthy boost of caffeine from hempworx hemp-infused coffee and added benefits of CBD.

Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee delivers just the right amount of caffeine, improves focus, and keeps you active all day long.

Rich in three powerful ingredients, it provides a convenient way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Hempworx Hemp-Infused Coffee?

This delightful blend of Arabica Coffee Beans, Chaga mushrooms, and 150mg of CBD helps you say goodbye to nervousness and anxiety.

Welcome improved focus, reduced side effects, and loads of energy with a cup of bold and rich flavoured coffee.

Hempworx Hemp-Infused Coffee makes your daily brew more enjoyable with added health benefits.

Here are some of the health benefits of Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee:

Provides The Right Amount Of Energy Boosts For Alertness

With over 2 billion cups consumed every day, Coffee is the third most popular beverage in the world.

Unlike energy drinks, caffeine from coffee provides long-lasting boosts of energy.

If you’re looking to kick start your day with the right amounts of caffeine, Hempworx hemp-infused coffee is your go-to.

It boosts your energy levels, keeps you alert, and leaves you feeling less fatigued.

The stimulating effects of caffeine help to reduce certain chemicals responsible for tiredness and body weakness.

Hempworx hemp-infused coffee is a great way to trigger hormones that increase energy levels and improves brain functions.

Antioxidant Properties Protects Healthy Cells From Damage

Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee is rich in antioxidants which help to protect the body from free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage healthy cells and impair proper functions in the body.

Arabica Coffee Beans and CBD are known to possess powerful antioxidant properties that fight against free radicals and protects body cells.

Studies show that Coffee may contain more antioxidants than some fruits and vegetables combined.

Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee is a great way to boost the levels of antioxidants in the body and protect cells from getting damaged.

Reduces The Side Effects Of Taking Regular Coffee

Depending on how sensitive a person is to coffee or quantities of caffeine, they may or may not experience certain side effects.

Caffeine-induced anxiety, jitters, nausea, headaches, and agitation are possible side effects of taking regular coffee.

Thanks to the beneficial effects of CBD in Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee, you no longer have to worry about these side effects.

CBD, the main ingredient of this hemp-infused coffee blend has been proven to have lots of mental health benefits.

Not only does CBD interact with the ECS and maintain balance in the body, but it also helps to reduce anxiety, jitters, and other side effects that come with taking regular coffee.

Hempworx Hemp-Infused Coffee helps to improve focus with reduced side effects and keeps you active for long.

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Why Should You Buy Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee?

Following the buzz around CBD and products like CBD or Hemp Infused Coffee, there are tons of brands trying to capitalize on this fast-growing trend.

Since the supplement industry isn’t heavily regulated, it’s no surprise to find CBD Infused coffee everywhere, from roadside shops to gas stations.

The downside of having so many options is figuring out which brand of CBD coffee provides good quality.

Hempworx is a brand of CBD products you can trust to provide quality Hemp-infused coffee.

Here are some reasons why people love and trust Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee:

Great Way To Start Small & Keep Track Of Your CBD Dosage:

Hempworx hemp-infused coffee comes in a pack containing 30 smaller packets of this CBD infused blend, each with 5mg of CBD.

These 30 smaller packets add up to 150mg of CBD.

If you use CBD products in higher concentrations then 5mg per cup may seem quite small.

Although the way CBD works in the body is different for everyone due to genetics, individual body chemistry, and other biological factors.

If you haven’t used CBD before, a dose of 5mg per cup is a great way to get started while working your way up.

Most brands out there don’t disclose the amount and cannot account for the quantity of CBD in their hemp-infused products.

In such cases, consumers may not know what exactly goes into their bodies and how well they would react to it.

Unlike other brands, Hempworx discloses the quantity of CBD content and other active ingredients in their hemp-infused coffee. (1)

This enables you to know what exactly goes into your body and gets started with a small dosage for people who’re new to CBD.

You also have the luxury of experimenting with the number of cups that work best for you, while keeping track of your CBD dosage.

Made From Plant-Based Extracts With Loads Of Health Benefits:

Hempworx takes one step further with its hemp-infused coffee blend.

Not only are there added benefits of CBD, but it’s also made from finely sourced Arabica Coffee beans and Chaga mushroom extracts.

Arabica Coffee Beans: With their rich taste, Arabica coffee beans contain low caffeine content and a consistent sweet flavour.

It’s low in calories and a great option for people who’re concerned about weight gain.

Arabica coffee beans also provide beneficial effects in blood sugar regulation, antioxidant properties against free radicals while rich in vitamins and minerals.

Hempworx hemp-infused coffee is made from quality grade Arabica Coffee Beans to give you the refreshing taste you deserve.

Chaga Mushroom Extracts: Chaga mushroom is a superstar in the health and wellness industry.

It has been around for years and is used as a supplement to boost immunity and support general well being.

Over the years, studies carried out on animal subjects show that Chaga mushrooms have tons of health benefits.

It may help to slow down cancer growth, reduce cholesterol levels, and prevent chronic inflammations.

Hempworx hemp-infused coffee blend includes Chaga mushroom extracts which have a flavour similar to coffee and added health benefits.

Overall these ingredients are of great help in supporting general well-being while tackling the root causes of health problems.

Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee Contains Zero THC:

THC, short for Tetrahydrocannabinol is the component found in the cannabis plant that causes the “high feeling or euphoria”.

CBD infused products made from the marijuana plant may contain high levels of THC unsuitable for the body and causes adverse effects.

According to the law, all CBD infused products must contain 0.3% to 0% THC to be legally sold.

Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee is made with CBD Isolate which contains no THC at all (0% THC).

When taken, this hemp-infused coffee blend wouldn’t get you high because CBD is non-psychoactive.

CBD Isolate is gotten from CBD rich hemp extracts, then refined and purified to remove all traces of other components found in the hemp plant.

Hempworx hemp-infused coffee makes an excellent choice for those sensitive to the effects of THC even in the least amount.

Now you no longer have to worry about experiencing adverse effects caused by THC or failing a drug test after taking this CBD-infused coffee.

Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee is Keto Friendly and Supports Healthy Metabolism

Arabica Coffee Bean is known to contain low-calorie content and caffeine is proven to help burn fats.

Studies have shown that taking coffee helps to boost your metabolism and increase how fast your body burns fat.

The idea behind ketogenic diets is reducing your carbs intake which causes your body to go into ketosis, burning fat to produce energy

Hempworx hemp-infused coffee is keto-friendly, which means it’s made to contain low sugar and support weight loss.

Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee Comes In Convenient Pre-measured Packets:

One of the main features of this hemp-infused coffee blend is its convenient pre-measurements.

It comes in 30 small packets per pack, with just the right amount to make a great cup of coffee.

You no longer have to keep track of the number of spoons needed to achieve a rich consistency for every cup of coffee you make.

Hempworx Hemp-infused Pre-measured coffee packets make it easy for keeping track of your CBD consumption.

Each packet has 5mg of CBD so it’s a whole lot easier to determine the quantity per cup.

All you’d have to do is tear open one or more packets, empty its content into a cup, and brew with hot water.

Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee Product Information:

Indication: Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee delivers just the right amount of caffeine to improve focus, keep you alert, and support general well-being.

Ingredients: Arabica Coffee Beans, Chaga Mushroom Extracts, Hemp-infused CBD.

Quantity: 1 Pack (84g) Containing 30 Smaller packets each with 5mg of CBD.

Directions For Usage:
Empty a whole packet into a cup and add 8-12oz of hot water to achieve a rich taste and bold consistency.

How To Buy Hempworx Hemp-infused Coffee in Nigeria:

If you’re in Lagos, all you have to do is place an order online and generate a receipt.

You’d take this receipt to our pick-up center in Ikeja, where you’d collect your products right away.

But if you live outside Lagos or you’d rather have the products delivered to your doorstep, we got you covered.

Send us a message and we’d help to determine how much it’d cost to get the products shipped to wherever you are in Nigeria.

It’s fast, easy and reliable.

Place your orders today.

Let Us Help You Out With Your Orders:

Place your orders today for Hempworx hemp-infused coffee and get it delivered straight to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria.

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