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This is part of a collaboration series with, on various common scalp infections and home remedies to get rid of them.

I’ve handled all you need to know about scalp psoraisis, its causes as well as home remedies to eliminate it.

So head over to their blog to read more about scalp psoraisis and get other lifestyle hacks for you.

In this blog post, Muobo Appah would be handling a very common skin infection, Dandruff and how to get rid of it.

Without further a do let’s get started…

Scalp Infections Natural Remedies

Anyone woman who has ever suffered from dandruff will know it is one of the most common scalp infections women pick up.

One that, while not a major health challenge, can cause some discomfort and be a little stubborn to cure.

Dandruff, like other common scalp infections, affects the scalp.

It doesn’t limit your hair’s health and growth potentials but causes immense discomfort from the itching it brings.

What Causes Scalp Infections Like Dandruff?

According to research, there isn’t just one particular cause of dandruff as it could happen as a result of several conditions.

However, for the most part, dandruff is caused by a yeast-like fungus, Malassezia globose that normally lives on the scalp of every adult.

The fungus sometimes grows too rapidly and becomes overactive, hence it leads to dandruff.

Some Other Important Facts About Dandruff You Should Know:

As earlier stated, dandruff isn’t a result of just one cause.

Other conditions that could make you develop it involve cold, dry weather. You are more prone to developing dandruff during fall and winter when the weather is cold or dry.

Other known causes of dandruff include reaction to certain hair products like shampoo, conditioner and cream, and having an extremely dry scalp.

  • Dandruff isn’t contagious, so no matter how much of it a person has you aren’t likely to contact it by proximity to this person.
  • Males are twice as likely to develop dandruff and while the reason for this is not yet proven, it is believed the male hormone could be responsible for this. It is also believed males with oily skin are also more likely to have a dandruff condition.
  • Diseases like Parkinson’s disease and HIV have also been linked to an increased presence of dandruff.
  • Young adults and middle-aged people are more at risk of developing this dry, flaky condition.
  • Thus scalp conditions can also be gotten on other parts of your anatomy like your face and body.
  • Not washing your hair often also predisposes you to dandruff.

Lastly, being under a lot of stress has also been known to worsen a dandruff condition.

Common Remedies to Manage Dandruff Scalp Infection:

It should be noted that dandruff can’t be cured, however, it can be sufficiently managed to the point where it poses no embarrassment to you.

Here are some natural ways you can achieve this:

1. Wash Your Hair More

As earlier stated, dandruff could be caused by a scalp that doesn’t get enough wash and becomes too oily.

On the flip side of washing your hair too often is the fact that you could strip your hair if its natural oils, making it too dry.

So, while washing your hair more is encouraged to managed dandruff, you should strike a balance and wash smartly, that way your scalp doesn’t lose its natural oils.

2. Exfoliate Your Scalp

You might be used to exfoliating your face and body, but there is such a thing as a scalp exfoliation too.

A scalp exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin cells on your scalp, which means the dead, flaky skin on your scalp gets eliminated.

3. Do an Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Rinse

Dermatologists have mixed feelings on this natural remedy for dandruff.

However, a lot of people who have tried it swear by it.

Apple cider vinegar also comes highly recommended as a treatment for a few other common scalp infections caused by bacteria, yeast or fungus.

To use, mix equal part apple cider vinegar and water and apply this to your scalp just before shampooing. Leave for 5-10 minutes and then wash off.

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4. Make Use of Baking Soda

Yet another effective natural remedy for common scalp infections is baking soda.

This item is effective in managing oil and will eliminate dandruff caused by excess oil production.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is hydrating and antimicrobial, which is effective in eliminating the fungus that causes dandruff.

Apply this topically on your scalp and keep it covered for 15-20 minutes.

Now, while you can leave this oil on your scalp, experts recommend doing so sparingly as doing so could worsen am already bad excess oil production problem.

6. Eliminate Stress

Since stressful situations can worsen dandruff, eliminating or minimizing these can greatly reduce the appearance of dandruff on your scalp.

7. Use a Stronger Shampoo

While mild shampoos will get your hair and scalp clean, a few might not be strong enough to eliminate dandruff.

To achieve this, you would need to get a stronger ayurvedic shampoo, one containing zinc or sulphur as these can eliminate yeast.

8. Increase Your Intake of Omega-3 Acid

Omega-3 acid offers a myriad of health benefits to the body and skin, including hydration and oil control.

You want to take more of this to effectively manage oil production on your scalp and keep it moderately oiled.

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Before you go, I’d like to ask.

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Please do share your experience in the comment section below or ask any question and I’d be sure to reply you.

Thanks for reading…

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