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When it comes to choosing pain relief creams, balms or relief patches to help soothe your pain, there are lots of things to look out for before making a decision.

And why is it so?

The Nigerian market is flooded with wide varieties of pain relief creams, balms, and patches which makes choosing an option best for you, quite a difficult task.

On the flip side, most of these pain relief creams, balms, and patches out there are not up to standard and have little to no effects in helping you get rid of the pain.

Well, worry no more!

In this blog post, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best and most effective pain relief creams and relief patch in the Nigerian market, to make your purchase decision seamlessly easy.

As a bonus, we’ve also included steps to take and handy tips on how to use pain relief creams, balms, and patches for best results.

Let’s get started…

 Pain Relief Creams Best In Nigeria

#1 Moringa Balm Of Gilead:

The first on our list for best pain relief cream in Nigeria is Moringa Balm Of Gilead.

As the name implies, it uses moringa extracts as one of its key ingredients in providing soothing relief from pain and inflammations.

Moringa extracts have been known to contain powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help to suppress pain and inflammations.

Pain Relief Cream Moringa Balm Of GileadIf you’re looking for a pain relief cream that offers you long-lasting pain relief effects for up to 8 hours, Moringa Balm of Gilead is your best bet.

With other active ingredients such as salicylate and menthol, moringa balm of gilead penetrates deep layers of your skin and provides soothing relief from pain.

Moringa balm of gilead helps to relieve you of tough pains, by distracting your brain from pain and striking at the root of the pain.

Why Should You Buy Moringa Balm Of Gilead?

1) Moringa Balm Of Gilead Relieves You Of Tough Pain, Faster And Better:

With its unique pain relief formula, moringa balm of gilead combines a unique mix of different natural pain relief ingredients which all work together to give you faster and better relief on tough pains.

Moringa balm of gilead provides relief by going through the pores of your skin to the root of pain, leaving you with a warm or and soothing pain relief effect.

It’s effective for joint pain, inflammations caused by insect bites, bruises, nerve pain, arthritic pains, and muscle pains.

2) Moringa Balm Of Gilead Keeps You Pain-Free For Up To 8 Hours:

Most people choose moringa balm of gilead as their go-to for pain relief because of its long-lasting effects that give you up to 8 hours of soothing relief.

With moringa balm of gilead, you don’t have to reapply on your skin frequently like other pain relief creams out there.

Moringa Balm Of Gilead gives you long-lasting pain relief sensation that goes all day long.
Buy Moringa Balm Of Gilead!

#2 Hempworx Relief Cream (Icy Pain Rub)

The second position on our list, for best pain relief cream in Nigeria, goes to Hempworx Relief Cream.

Hempworx Relief Cream is a bombshell that has come to disrupt the pain relief industry in Nigeria.

Pain Relief Cream Hempworx

If you’re looking for an all-natural blend of essential pain relief ingredients like hemp seed oil, emu oil and menthol in one compact plus, then hempworx relief cream is all you need.

Hempworx Relief Cream is also a rich blend of other powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relief ingredients such as arnica Montana flower extract, Boswellia serrata extract, leaf juice from aloe barbadensis and a whole lots more.

Why Should You Buy Hempworx Relief Cream?

1) Hempworx Relief Cream Gives You Quick & Effective Icy Pain Relief Feel:

With powerful and all-natural pain relief ingredients like emu oil, hempworx relief cream absorb faster into your skin and produce an icy and soothing feeling for pains, achy joints, and muscles.

It’s an excellent choice for soothing relief and works great on rheumatoid arthritis patients, fast-acting on muscle pains, burns, nerve pains, and other pain-related conditions.

Once it goes through your skin, you feel an immediate relaxation of your muscles and joints underneath with a calming icy effect coming from the menthol inside this cream.

2) Hempworx Relief Cream Helps In Soothing Chronic Pain, Inflammations & Other Varieties Of Conditions:

One of the components of hempworx relief cream that stands out is that it’s made from cannabidiol, CBD Oil one of the components founds in the hemp plant.

Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) in hempworx relief cream is one of the major key players for its powerful anti-inflammatory and chronic pain relief properties.

Learn More About The: Benefits of CBD Oil

Hempworx relief cream helps to soothe pain and interact with your body’s receptors responsible for pain.

Hemp seed oil extracts in hempworx relief cream have been used for years in treating chronic pain and inflammation.

It is an excellent choice for patients suffering from chronic pain like arthritis, nerve pains, joint pains, inflammations, and other conditions.
Buy Hempworx Relief Cream!

#3 Care Leaf Thermal Patch For Pain Relief:

Our third choice on the list is for the most effective pain relief patch in Nigeria, unlike one and two which are pain relief creams.

Our top choice for the most effective pain relief patch goes to Care Leaf Thermal Relief Patch.

Pain Relief Patch Care Leaf Thermal Relief

Care leaf thermal pain relief patch is one of the best pain relief patches in Nigeria that is super effective and fast-acting on tough pain.

The active ingredients in care leaf that make it super effective for pain relief are nano-diamonds, capsaicin, grape seed oil, turmeric, and Korean ginseng.

When applied to your skin, joints or affected areas the active capsaicin ingredient gives you a warm and tingling pain relief sensation.

Why Should You Buy Care Leaf Thermal Relief Patch?

1) Care Leaf Thermal Relief Patch Offers You Faster & Long Lasting Relief Effects:

Care leaf thermal relief patch makes use of nano-diamonds which helps to produce soothing heat that penetrates the deepest layer of your skin to give you effective and quick relief from pain.

Capsaicin & Germanium in care leaf thermal relief patch helps to generate heat, trap and reflect heat all around places in your body where it’s been applied for soothing relief.

Germanium is a natural heat reflector that helps to trap heat for long-lasting pain relief effects.

Capsaicin, on the other hand, is the component of chili pepper, that gives pepper that hot feeling when tasted.

Capsaicin helps to produce heat and is a natural source of endorphins which help to relieve stress and pressure on affected areas.

All these natural ingredients work together to provide the best pain relief patch specially made for you.

Buy Care Leaf Thermal Relief Patch!

Hempworx Full Spectrum CBD Oil In Nigeria

How To Apply Pain Relief Creams, Balms & Patches For Best Results:

Now a large majority of us (including I) seldom read and understand instructions or directions carefully enough before trying out new products.

Sometimes we get away with it, other times we aren’t very lucky and have to revert to the instructional guides or materials, after going through the unnecessary hassle.

This same principle applies when trying out pain relief creams, balms, and patches on your skin.

Before applying pain relief creams or patches topically, it’s advisable to first check for the active ingredients in these relief creams, balms or relief patches right before you make a purchase.

This allows you to detect possible active ingredients in these pain relief creams, balms or patches that you may be allergic to and saves you from reacting negatively to these pain relievers.

After making sure you’re wide aware of all active ingredients, in these pain relief creams, balms or patches, the next step to take is reading the directions carefully, before applying them on your skin.

This ensures you get the best results and fastest pain relief effects when making use of pain relief creams, balms, and relief patches, correctly.

Lastly, for an extra layer of safety, you could always decide to try out pain relief creams, balms or patches on small areas of your skin to check for negative reactions before full usage.

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