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There are many forms of natural remedies for arthritis.

Over the years, these natural remedies have become popular and well used by arthritis patients in order to avoid the awful and dreadful side effects caused by taking arthritis medications.

In this blog post, I’m going to be sharing with you, the best natural remedies for arthritis that you can try out at your ease and convenience.

As a bonus I’ve included step by step processes required in some DIY home remedies and a whole lots more.

Let’s get started…

Natural Remedies For Arthritis

Heat or Cold Therapy:

Applying heat or cold to the affected joints are natural remedies for treating arthritis that can make you feel better.
Heat and Cold help to relieve you of pain, swellings, and inflammation caused by arthritis.

Heat: When heat is applied directly on your affected joints, it provides quick relief from pains.
Heat therapy helps to compress and relax your muscles, ease stiffness of joints and also encourages the circulation of blood.

Cold: Cold therapy, on the other hand, helps you to reduce swellings and inflammation.
It assists in slowing down the circulation of blood which helps to reduce swellings and soothes the pain.
You can try both hot and cold therapy to see which one works best for you.

Here are some few DIY natural remedies to apply heat and cold on your affected joints:

1. Use Of Pain Relief Creams For Heat Therapy

Pain-relieving creams are natural remedies for arthritis that have been used over the years.
Some pain relief creams produce a warm or cool soothing sensation after applying them on the affected areas.

This warm or cool soothing sensation provides you with quick and effective relief from pain, swellings, and inflammation.

These pain relief creams are most effective when applied topically on the affected joints and areas.
For best results and long lasting relief from pain, we recommend using “Moringa Balm Of Gilead” a powerful pain relieving cream.

Not only does it offer you quick and long lasting relief from pain, but it also relieves stiff joints and protects your skin from sunburns and other side effects caused by arthritis medications.

It is specially formulated to penetrate the pores of your skin to the affected areas for quick and soothing relief from pains, swellings, and inflammation.

It also helps in relieving tight or sore muscles and clears your sinuses from nasal congestion and stuffy nose.

It’s fortified with menthol, salicylate and Moringa extracts which all work together to distract your brain from pain, give you a long lasting pain relief effect and nourishes your skin.

Moringa Balm Of Gilead Fast And Long Lasting Pain Relief Cream

2. Making a Mini Hot and Cold Bath For Pain Relief:

Cold and Hot Bath helps to reduce swellings, inflammations and are great natural remedies for arthritis.
For making your own cold and hot bath you’ll be needing:
-Two containers
-A kettle of slightly hot water (so as not to get any burns or scalds)
-Cold water & a pack of ice cubes.

How to get it done:

  • Fill the two containers with water.
  • One containing cold water and a pack of ice cubes, the other containing the slightly hot water.
  • Immerse the affected or aching joints in both hot and cold bath to see which works for you.

Alternatively, you could switch between the cold and hot bath within an interval of 30 seconds continuously for roughly 30 minutes.
Ensure you finish up with the cold bath and by the end of this exercise, you should feel relieved from pain.

Other DIY Natural Remedies For Arthritis Are:
-Making Your Own Heat Pad.
-Using Bags of Ice On Affected Joints.

Staying Active By Doing More Exercises

Frequent exercise plays a very important role in treating arthritis.
Regular movement of joints helps to maintain flexibility and strengthen the muscles around the affected joints.

A scientific study review in 2015 proves that aquatic exercises help to improve the coordination, mood, range of motion and lifestyle of patients affected with osteoarthritis.

As natural remedies for arthritis, some high impact exercises like running can have damaging effects on your joints.
Instead, you should consider low impact exercises like swimming.

Swimming helps to reduce pressure on the joints by supporting your body weight while floating.
It also helps to reduce swellings and inflammation by slowing down the circulation of blood.

Take time to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider before undergoing any form of exercise.
They’ll advise you and create the right plan for you.

The exercises recommended by your doctor would most likely focus on aerobics, balance moves, strength training, and range-of-motion exercises.

In order to help improve the flexibility of your joints, gain balance while walking and at strengthening muscles around your joints.

Natural Remedy For Arthritis: Mindfulness Meditation

Practicing Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation:

Mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation are a great way to help reduce pain caused by arthritis.
Relaxation, mindfulness, and meditation helps in reducing stress, makes you cope better with depression as an arthritis patient and act as effective natural remedies for arthritis.

Practicing mindfulness involves creating space for yourself.
Creating time to think, reflect and appreciate the present moment without allowing your mind to wander away with distractions.

When stress is reduced, pain, swellings, and inflammation are also reduced.

How To Go About Meditation And Mindfulness:

  • Go to your comfort zone, find a quiet place to be.
  • A place that feels calm, quiet and free from any form of distraction.
  • Relax and focus on your breathing as you inhale and exhale slowly.
  • Whenever your mind wanders away, simply bring your mind back and focus on your breathing.
  • Gently murmur positive affirmations as you remain calm and focus on the present.
  • Keep on focusing, meditating and relaxing repeatedly for 5-10 minutes.

At the end of this session, you would feel a whole lot better and stress-free.

Regular Massage For Relief From Arthritis:

Regular massage of your joints and muscles is a natural remedy for arthritis that can help to reduce pain, stiffness in your joints and improve your range of motion.
The relaxing feeling you get from massages helps to lower your stress levels and reduces the various substances in your body which have an association with pain.

Get a good physical therapist who is knowledgeable and experienced in massage therapies for arthritis patients.
You could also practice various forms of self-massage recommended by your doctor or healthcare provider.

When undergoing massage sessions, you may want to use topical pain relieving creams while gently massaging your joints and muscles for effective relief.

Alternatively, you could make use of scented essential oils like lavender oil has proven to help reduce stress levels.
The pleasant aroma from such essential oils can make you feel relaxed, stress-free and less aware of pain.

Using Topical Pain Relief Creams, Balms & Patches:

Topical pain relief creams, balms, and patches are great natural remedies to help manage arthritis.
Some pain relief creams and balms are made from Capsaicin; the ingredients that make chilli pepper feel hot while others are made from menthol or salicylate.

These substances help to distract the brain from feeling pain and can help in soothing arthritis pain.
Pain relief patches also make uses of different combinations of active ingredients specifically designed to help relieve pains.

Moringa Balm Of Gilead:

The ideal cream for quick and long lasting relief from pain is “Moringa Balm of Gilead.

A powerful pain relief cream that helps to provide long-lasting relief from pain, inflammation, nasal congestion and swellings. It is packed with essential ingredients including;

Menthol & Salicylates: They help to provide swift relief from pain by stimulating nerve endings and diverting your brain from pain caused by arthritis.
They also help to relieve you of stiff joints and your muscles of acute or chronic pains.

Menthol provides cool and soothing effects used for relief of nerve pains, joint pains, muscle pains, and itching.

Moringa Extracts: Fortified with rejuvenating vitamins and minerals like;
Vitamin C: Rich in collagen, a natural component of your skin that helps to speed up the wound healing process.

Vitamin K: To help strengthen your bones, prevent them from weakening and osteoporosis.
Vitamin B: It helps to nourish and protect your skin from sunburns which are side effects of arthritis medication.

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Care Leaf Thermal Pain Relief Patch:

Care leaf thermal pain relief patch is an over the counter pain relief patch that works great for relieving you of pain caused by arthritis, inflammations, tight or sore muscles.

Pain Relief Patch: Care Leaf Thermal Relief Patch

Care leaf thermal pain relief patch is the first pain relief patch in the world that utilizes nano-diamond technology.
Some of the all natural active ingredients infused in care leaf thermal pain relief patch are;

Nano-Diamonds: They produce soothing heat that penetrates the deepest layer of your skin to give you effective and quick relief from pain.

Grape Seed Oil: It helps to open the pores of your skin for active ingredients to penetrate for quicker relief from pain, swellings, and inflammation.

Germanium: It’s a natural heat reflector that helps to trap heat for long-lasting pain relief effects.

Turmeric: Turmeric has lots of health benefits. It Helps to reduce pains and swellings in arthritis patients by stopping proteins and enzymes that promote pain and inflammation.

Other active ingredients are; Silver Ions, Vitamin E, Korean Ginseng, Capsaicin.
All these natural ingredients work together to provide the best pain relief patch specifically made for you.

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Yoga: Home Remedy For Arthritis

Yoga is a natural remedy for arthritis that has been used over the years. It’s a blend of meditation, relaxation techniques, and low-impact exercises.
It’s a great way to relax your body, attain mental balance, maintain the flexibility of your joints and various parts of the body.

Yoga helps to ease joint pains and drastically reduce stress and tension.
Before undergoing any Yoga session you are advised to talk with your doctor or healthcare provider to make sure it is suitable for you.

Ensure you work with your doctor or healthcare provider in finding a Yoga Instructor who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling arthritis patients.

Natural Home Remedies For Arthritis: Eat Inflammation Fighting Foods Omega-3 Fatty Acids Reduce Inflammation

Eat Inflammation-Fighting Foods: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

There are various food groups known as anti-inflammatory food groups that help combat and serve as natural remedies for arthritis.
Studies have proven that anti-inflammatory food groups are rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are essential natural remedies for arthritis that helps to reduce inflammation, stiffness of joints and pain caused by arthritis.

Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids include; fish oil, broccoli, spinach, kale, mustard greens, and brussels sprouts.

Alternatively, there supplements rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids that make it easier to add these essential nutrients to your diets.

Organic Supplements For Arthritis

Restorlyf and Choleduz are very effective organic supplements and natural remedies for arthritis endorsed by Alliance In Motion Global. They help to maintain healthy cells in your joints and throughout your body.

These organic supplements have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce swellings, protect your heart, lungs, and joints from pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

Choleduz Organic Supplement:

Choleduz Organic Supplement is a great and potent source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
It has more Omega-3 Fatty Acids than fish oil and is endorsed by Alliance In Global Motion and Nature’s Way.

Choleduz Omega Supreme Organic Supplement

Omega-3 Fatty Acids have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce swellings and inflammation caused by arthritis.

Choleduz is a rich source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids that provides you with effective relief from pains caused by various forms of arthritis like; osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

People who take Choleduz Organic Supplement has recorded improvements in stiff joints, fewer inflammations, and flexibility of joints.

Choleduz also helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels in your body, lowers blood pressure and decreases inflammation around your heart to prevent heart attacks.

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Restor Lyf Organic Supplement:

Restorlyf is an organic food supplement that is specifically designed to protect your heart, joints, muscles and reduce inflammation caused by arthritis.

Restor Lyf Longevity Formula Natural Organic Supplement

Patients with arthritis are prone to heart attack due to inflammation around the heart caused by arthritis.

Restorlfy is fortified with natural anti-inflammatory properties from essential active ingredients like; Japanese Knotweed, Non-Alcoholic Grape Seed Extract, and Concentrated Grape Seed Powder.

Grape seed extracts used in Restorlyf helps to reduce swellings, inflammation, and pains caused by arthritis.
It also aids poor circulation of blood, helps patients with high cholesterol levels and eye diseases related to diabetes.

Restorlyf is packed with powerful antioxidants that ensure healthy growth and protect your cells from diseases.

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Other Natural Home Remedies For Arthritis Includes:
Tai Chi, the use of cannabidiol (CBD) Oil, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and Weight Loss.

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