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In this blog post, we are going to be reviewing Mydailychoice and Hempworx to determine if it’s the best network marketing opportunity for you.

We would also analyse the differences between network marketing lookalikes (Ponzi and Pyramid schemes), their modes of operations and how to avoid them.

So let’s get started…

Mydailychoice Nigeria Hempworx Review

Most people have this “Never! I’m not interested” mindset when it comes to joining network marketing businesses or MLM’s, most especially in Nigeria.

Forgetting that genuine network marketing offers them a safer and less risky route to attaining great wealth, passive income, true financial and time freedom.

Network marketing makes it easier to operating a profitable home-based business wherever you are and whenever you want to.

There are no restrictions, none at all.

Your earnings aren’t fixed, the more you grow your business and improve the more you earn.

You’re not subjected to working hours, it’s a business you can do anytime, even part-time as a side hustle and make more money than you normally would, working in a regular job.

Unlike buying a franchise or getting caught in the rigorous processes of starting your own business from scratch.

One of my upline and favourite mentor in the network marketing business is a doctor.

Does his busy schedule prevent him from growing his network marketing business? No, it doesn’t.

He constantly reminds us of how he takes two hours of his day, shut himself out from distractions just to grow his network marketing business.

His results are massive, and that’s how I got into the industry and I’m glad I did.

Why Then Do People Miss Out On Network Marketing?

I’ve found out that a majority of people, Nigerians most especially have the wrong idea and negative perception about anything network marketing or MLM.

After talking to a large number of people, I discovered that the causes of these negative perceptions about network marketing, was because many individuals have been duped or exploited by network marketing lookalikes.

Emphasis on “Network Marketing Lookalikes”

These lookalikes are often Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes that are made to mirror network marketing but they aren’t, not even in the slightest.

The bad experiences of people in the hand of these schemes, make them develop negative mindsets towards network marketing and miss out on all the benefits the industry brings.

Are There Genuine Network Marketing Businesses Out There?

The simple answer is yes, there are a good number of great network marketing businesses out there and one of them is “MyDailyChoice”

Mydailychoice (MDC) for short, is a genuine network marketing business.

Mydailychoice is among the top network marketing businesses in Nigeria and the industry as a whole.

They’re 100% committed to providing independent business owners and customers with the most attractive and highest quality product lines within top trending industries.

That is to say that Mydailychoice studies the industry trends and makes sure their affiliates and customers get the best products that’ll yield the highest revenue.

Is MyDailyChoice Any Different From Ponzi & Pyramid Schemes?

For us to conclude if MyDailyChoice is at all a genuine network marketing business as it claims to be, let us analyze the differences between Ponzis, Pyramid schemes, and Network Marketing.

To determine where mydailychoice stands among these three categories.

What Are Ponzi Schemes?

Ponzi schemes (named after Charles Ponzi) are fraudulent investment programs where you are promised unrealistic returns for some investments.

While recruiting distributors for my daily choice, I had an encounter with someone who had fallen victim to a Ponzi scheme and trust me, his experience was a horror story.

His very dear friend persuaded him and he invested his money.

Fast forward some months later, his friend was on the run and the company had closed down.

A company that had no physical office, nor products to show for, crappy websites and empty promises.

What happens in Ponzi schemes is that investment of the new members is used to pay the dividends of older members.

At a point, it all crashes.

People lose life savings, borrowed money, investments and many of them develop negative mindsets and opinions about network marketing.

Generally, it is the “earliest batch” of “investors” who will make the money from Ponzi schemes.

It’s not something you should be willing or happily Invest your money into because of greed.

Your money could get lost and you’ll be enjoying someone else’s life worth does that sound human to you? Not at all.

Runaway from them, some good examples of notable Ponzi schemes in Nigeria are “MMM, LOOM” and the likes.

What Are Pyramid Schemes?

Pyramid schemes are systems that almost looks like network marketing, but aren’t at all.

Emphasis on “Network Marketing Lookalikes”

In Pyramid schemes, you are asked to refer others to register into a program so you can earn.

They have no product or service.

They have very interesting sales pitches, some may tell you the company is investing in oil or that you are just ‘making a donation’, etc.

Bottom line is that there are no real products or services of value that affiliates are selling.

Just like Ponzi schemes, your money and investments could get lost and the sponsors run away.

It’s not something you should invest into. In other words, run away.

What Makes MyDailyChoice A Genuine Network Marketing Business?

Mydailychoice is a genuine network marketing because it has an active distribution system that rewards your active recruitment of others into your sales organization.

More importantly, Mydailychoice ensures you earn passive income from the efforts of your team so that at a point, you can retire to passive income.

It is a real business and something you shouldn’t miss out on.

Here are the top reasons to join Mydailychoice today!

1) Grow Your Business With State Of The Art Marketing Tools:

MyDailyChoice provides revolutionary online marketing systems and state-of-the-art success tools to give their Affiliates every opportunity to succeed in the business.

When you decide to join mydailychoice, you are given an automated and high-converting marketing system 100% FREE, you get access to our marketing pages, autoresponders, videos, and more.

Market like a pro and have people chasing you to join!

2) Compensation Plan Like No Other:

MDC recognizes the hard work of their affiliates in this business and rewards those efforts by paying up to 85% of the total Business Volume (BV) through their unique Affiliate Rewards Program because they are 100% committed to your success.

Combining their unique and exclusive product line with their aggressive lucrative Affiliate Rewards Program, you can live the life of your dreams much easier than before.

MDC compensates distributors who are sharing the value of the product or services, thereby enabling sales to happen.

3) Improve Your Personal & Entrepreneurial Skills:

The attraction is that you learn entrepreneurial skills, have time freedom, is cheaper to start as a business than traditional systems, you get help from those who have been there before you (your upline).

Ultimately, you can retire to passive income and be financially free, it is an exciting reason to get involved in one.

4) Get Access To Unique, Lucrative and Trending Products:

When you join mydailychoice you get access to our incredible line of health & wellness products.

Numerous product lines within top trending industries, from nutritional sprays to CBD Oils, CBD infused products, treats for pets and a whole lot more.

Network Marketing is the sure way to true financial freedom, as it can grow you, teach you business skills, and earn amazing income over time.

Network marketing is not a ‘get rich quick scheme, it is getting rich sure, but over time’ as long as you’re ready to work.

It is a business where you don’t give your 100% but 100 people coming together to give just 1% for the success of all.

If you want to get involved in any of the industries, Mydailychoice is the best option for you.

Wanna get started with MyDailyChoice?

When you join the Mydailychoice family, you place success in your own hands.

It’s amazing what this industry will do for and in you.

Success Is A Choice!

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