How To Upload Files To Google Drive – App And Web

Google Drive is one Google’s application. It serves as an online storage to keep and backup files.

Google drive is available to all google account user, that is, there is an amount of storage released to every google account which is 15gb of storage.

This tutorial will lead you through all you need to make use of this storage given to you by google.

There are two different ways to access Google Drive which is through the use of a web browser and Google Drive application.

Below is the step-to-step procedure to access your drive on App and Web browser.



1. Download, install & Open the ‘Google Drive‘ application

2. You can easily upload a file to drive by clicking on the ‘+‘ icon.

3. Click ‘Upload‘ to upload a file directly from your file manager.

4. To organize your files into folders, click ‘Folder’ to create a folder

5. Open the folder and click the ‘+‘ icon again to upload your files into the folder.



1. Go to on your browser.

2. Click the ‘Three-line icon (Options)‘ at the top edge and side menu will appear

Google Drive web

3. On the menu, click on ‘Desktop version

Google Drive web desktop

And you should have something like this

Google drive web desktop

4. Now you can upload your files by clicking on the ‘+ New‘ icon at the top edge

Google Drive web desktop

Upload your files by clicking ‘File upload‘, Create a new folder by clicking ‘Folder‘ and upload a folder from your device by clicking on ‘Folder upload

Google drive web desktop

With all the steps illustrated above,  you should be able to follow upload your files to google drive either through app or web browser.

NOTE: Google offers free 15gb storage to all google accounts which means there is a limit to what you can upload on your drive but you can upgrade your storage to about 10-20TB by making periodic payment.



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