How To Switch To Dark Mode On Chrome Browser

Chrome dark mode

Based on the UI design, most users prefers the dark designs to the light ones as it reduce eyestrain and also saves battery.

Most apps now has integrated the dark design in their apps, which is referred to as ‘Dark Mode‘ or ‘Night Mode‘.

New Android versions like the Android 9 & 10 also has a system settings to toggle dark mode on/off and this affects all app with variant designs on the device.

Chrome also, apart the light mode design which is common, has a dark mode design and we will be showing how you can enable and disable the mode(s) easily.

Follow the procedure below to enable or disable light or dark mode:

1. Open Chrome browser

2. Click the ‘three-dots icon (options)‘ at the top edge Chrome Dark mode3. On the drop-down options, select ‘settings

Chrome dark mode4. Under ‘basics‘ tab, select ‘Theme

Chrome dark mode5. You should have three options

Chrome dark mode

  • SYSTEM DEFAULT: This changes to light mode or dark mode automatically based on your device’s theme settings
  • LIGHT: This switches your browser theme to light mode irrespective of your system settings.
  • DARK: This switches your browser theme to dark mode irrespective of your system settings.

Now you can select any of the options above based on what you want.

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