How To Send File As Document Via WhatsApp – Send file as doc

Send file as document whatsapp

Are you having problems with sending files in their original size and Quality?, Glad to tell you it can be fixed by sending your files as Documents.

Some advantage of sending file as doc via WhatsApp is that

1. It enables you to send all kinds of file via WhatsApp without restrictions

2. It is also a way to bypass WhatsApp file compression, that is file will be sent in original size and quality


NOTE: The maximum file size that can be sent through this process is 100mb and below is the process

  • Make sure you check the file directory, that is exact part of your storage the file is stored
  • Open the chat you want to send the file to
  • Click on the ‘Media‘ icon beside the camera icon just beside your text box.Send file as document whatsapp
  • Select ‘Documents‘ from the pop-up optionsSend file as document whatsapp
  • You can search for the name of the file you want to send here. if it appears just click to send or hold to send multiple.Send file as document whatsappSend file as document whatsapp
  • But if not, Click ‘Browse other docs…‘ and your device file manager will be opened, kindly go to the directory where your file is located and click to send or hold to send multiple.Send file as document whatsapp

I hope this will help you trying to send any kind of file via as document.



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