How To Print Any Webpage On Your Smartphone – Convert Webpage To PDF

Print webpages on smartphone

Printing webpages has been popularly known to be done on PC, you just have your computer connected to a printer, go to the page, click print or use the Ctrl+P shortcut and done, my file is printed.

But you can also do the same on your smartphone without a PC if you have printers that can be connected to smartphones and if not, you can just save the file as PDF, which really make it easier to print via PC.

You may not have a PC with you or a smartphone printer, and you need to print a page just on the screen of your device, what to do?

Just print your file on your phone, instead of sending to a printer, save it as PDF, and you can easily get it printed when you have an access to a printer.

Now the question is, how can I print webpage on my smartphone?… Follow the process below

How To Print Any Webpage On Your Smartphone With Chrome Browser

  • Open the page you would like to printPrint webpages on smartphone
  • Click the option (three-dots) buttonPrint webpages on smartphone
  • Select ‘Share’Print webpages on smartphone
  • Among the pop-up option, select ‘Print’Print webpages on smartphone
  • If your device is connected to a printer, you can s elect it in the option, and if not, select ‘Save To PDF’Print webpages on smartphone
  • A preview will be shown to you, then you can click the download (arrow down) button to download the PDF (you can print this pdf later if you need to)Print webpages on smartphone

And that’s all, you can use this method to save a long article page to read later.

We hope you are able to understand this tutorial, if you’re having any issue with any part of it, kindly let us know via the comment box. Thank you.



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