How to know who touched your phone in your absence – WTMP

Who touched my phone

Who touched my Phone (WTMP)

Do you stay in an environment where people don’t trust you and want to check your phone for what you do? Or you have an insecure girlfriend who checks your phone from time to time without your consent? Or some strangers trying to unlock your phone in your absence? Well here is a solution to all that.

What is who touched my Phone (WTMP)

Who touched my phone is an android app developed by MidnightDev and Just like the name, tells you who touched your phone when you weren’t there.

How does WTMP work?

The app takes a picture of the person who either unlocks the phone or fails to unlock the phone. It also shows all the activity log of the person I.e the apps opened.

WTMP activity log
WTMP Activity Log

The picture of the person will be seen when you open the app, you can decide to save it in your gallery or leave it there.

What can WTMP do?

  • Take the picture of someone who unlocked your phone.
  • Take the picture of someone who tried to unlock your phone but failed because of wrong password.
  • Show you the list of apps opened by someone in your absence with picture evidence.

How to get WTMP

You can get the app for free by downloading on the Google play store. Simply search the keyword: WTMP or download from using This Link

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