How To Create A Crypto Wallet – Trust Wallet

CRYPTOCURRENCY is digital money and is stored in a digital wallet, either online, on your computer, or on other hardware. Just as physical money is stored in wallets or bank so it is with cryptocurrency, being a digital asset, is digitally stored in a Crypto wallet.

Nothing can be done in cryptocurrency without having a wallet because there is a lot of sending and receiving in crypto, so to get started in cryptocurrency, you need a wallet.

And in this guide, we would be taking some few step to create a crypto wallet via Trust Wallet App. Although there are other apps with which one can create a crypto wallet but in this tutorial, we would be using the Trust Wallet app.

To get started:

  • Download and Open Trust Wallet App from playstoreCreate A Crypto Wallet
  • Create new wallet or import an existing walletCreate A Crypto Wallet
  • Read and accept terms of service and privacy policyCreate A Crypto WalletCreate A Crypto Wallet
  • Back up your walletCreate A Crypto WalletCreate A Crypto Wallet
  • Write down or copy the 12 Words shown (Recovery Phrase),Create A Crypto Wallet
  • Select the words just in the order they were in the previous tab and click DONECreate A Crypto Wallet

Now you have a crypto wallet on the trust wallet app, ensure your keep your recovery phrase safe as that is the only you can recover your wallet when lost.



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