How To Copy Text From Image – Google Lens

Copy text from image

Google lens is an image recognition tool, developed by google made to show relevant information related to objects.

it enable one to get details of/with images more easily, and understand information presented through an image.

With Google Lens, you can:

  • Search images online
  • Search text from images online
  • Select and copy text from images
  • Copy text to your computer
  • Translate texts on images
  • Learn how to pronounce words
  • Add an event to your calendar


How to copy text from image with Google Lens

1. Make sure your have Google Lens installed in your device

2. Select ‘Text‘ among the options below

Copy text from image

3. You can take a photo of what you want to copy or by uploading an image from your smartphone

4. Select the text you want to copy and click ‘Copy Text

Copy text from image

You can now paste your text anywhere you want.



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