Do I need a medical visa to go to India?

If you are looking for Medical Visa To India, then you should know that the process can be quite confusing, and even daunting if it’s your first time applying for such a visa. However, if you know what to expect, the process can actually be quite painless and efficient. When applying for Medical Visa To India or any other kind of visa, you should always work with an agency that specializes in getting people into the country of their choice as quickly as possible while ensuring that they have all of the required documentation and meet all of the necessary requirements in order to apply successfully.

When do you need a medical visa to travel to India?

If you want to travel or work in India for less than six months, then it is not necessary for you to get a medical visa. If your stay in India is going to be longer than six months, then it is mandatory for you to get your medical visas from an Indian consulate or embassy abroad.

You can also apply online at some Indian embassies and consulates if such services are available online. These online medical visas take about 72 hours for processing and all documents must be filled completely during application process. The medical visas issued by Indian Embassies are valid only up to 6 months after which they have to be extended by visiting any regional office of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare situated in major cities throughout India.

In addition, a medical report needs to be submitted along with your visa extension form when seeking a new medical visa. So, if you’re planning on staying more than 6 months in India or travelling back and forth often, we recommend that you seek advice from an experienced immigration law firm before making any plans. They will help ensure that everything goes smoothly with regards to gaining long-term entry into India.

What should you know about it before applying for it?

First of all, you will be required to have a medical visa if you plan on visiting India in order to seek medical treatment. Medical visas can only be issued by an Indian Embassy or Consulate. Although most embassies are located in large cities, some countries also have consulates located elsewhere. It is wise to check first before applying for your medical visa.

Where can you apply for this medical visa?

You can apply for medical visa at Indian Embassies in your country or at any of these places in India:.

  • Chennai
  • Mumbai
  • Kolkata
  • Delhi.

How long is a medical tourist’s visit?: The minimum duration of stay on medical visa is 10 days. If you want to get more information about Medical Visa To India feel free to contact us! We are ready to give detailed information and help in applying. Our consultants will provide you with assistance throughout all stages of processing Medical Visa To India and make sure that it has been obtained fast, efficiently and safely as well as issue an invitation letter which allows medical tourists to travel with confidence into India. Please also visit our site www.( for more details about Medical Visas and health tourism Medical Visas To India.

What are the types of visas available for medical tourism in India?

Medical visas in India fall into two main categories: Medical and Non-Medical. Most international patients looking to travel for medical care will apply for a non-medical (tourist) visa. This is because Indian embassies rarely grant medical visas as part of their standard process; instead, you must use an authorized agent or tout who has access to discretionary Medical Visa programs.

If you are approved for Medical Visa status, then you’ll be able to receive your visa through normal channels at your local embassy or consulate. Once in country, you can seek treatment at one of more than 350 hospitals and clinics that specialize in medical tourism within India.

What documents will be required at the time of application?

Medical Visa application is not just about documents. You should make sure that you understand what are acceptable document types and also confirm whether all required information is duly filled in. For example, if you’re applying for Medical Visa for children, then passport size photograph of child is not acceptable but only two passport size photographs are required (one for obtaining visa and other for entering into India). Thus, before submitting your application, it would be better if you check with official website or your travel agent as they can guide you on these aspects.

What happens if your embassy rejects your application or revoked your passport while on medical visa in India?

Without having any prior notice, my passport was unexpectedly revoked by my country’s Embassy in Delhi while I was on medical visa in India. It has been nearly two years and due to complex procedures and paperwork, my passport is still held up. The embassy refuses to comment on their decision so far or even explain their ruling. Do you have suggestions for what action steps can be taken at this point?


Getting a medical visa can seem like an uphill battle. However, with plenty of patience and persistence, it’s well within your reach. By being methodical in your approach and taking one task at a time, you can take care of business and be on your way to India without any hassles or worries. To learn more about applying for medical visas in India visit: Medical Tourism Corporation Visit Medical Tourism Corporation today to find out more about how we can help you get there safely.



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