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A lot has been said about the health benefits of CBD Oil and how it helps with a great number of health problems, but not so much when it comes to CBD oil side effects.

Aside from claims and testimonials, one of the biggest selling points of CBD Oil has been little to no side effects experienced by users.

Statistics show that over 74% of CBD Oil users today, claimed to have experienced no side effects while using CBD Oil.

However, there still are unanswered questions about CBD Oil’s effect on the body, its safety, and how it interacts with drugs.

In this blog post, we share with you insights about the side effects of CBD Oil, how it interacts with drugs, and the necessary steps to take before making use of CBD Oil.

Let’s get started…

CBD Oil Side Effects

Is CBD Oil Safe?

CBD Oil critics constantly ask this question because a vast majority of what is known about CBD Oil is limited to personal experiences and animal studies.

According to Havard Health, there isn’t sufficient data to back some claims made about CBD Oil.

This makes it difficult to determine actual dosage or delivery methods that would be best for whatsoever condition, one may decide to tackle with CBD.

However, a study about the side effects and safety of CBD in 2011, shows that chronic use and high doses up to 1500mg/day of CBD is well tolerated in humans.

CBD Oil and its related products are usually sold by manufacturers as nutritional supplements, to avoid the scrutiny and necessary regulations by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Should This Be A Cause For Alarm?

With over 1000 CBD Oil brands in the market, today and nearly 70% of these products mislabeled, this could be a cause for alarm.

Studies show that most of the side effects experienced when taking CBD Oil products are a result of contamination and mislabeling by manufacturers.

When buying CBD products, avoid brands with a history of mislabeling and false product claims.

We recommend buying CBD Oil from trusted brands, that carry out third-party testing and provides a certificate of analysis for their products.

This would help to know what is in the bottle and what exactly goes into your systems.

Does CBD Oil Have Side Effects?

From mild side effects such as fatigue, headaches, and drowsiness to major side effects like liver damage, people who take CBD Oil may or may not experience side effects.

One’s health status and body chemistry are contributing factors that may determine if one would experience some of these side effects or not.

Mild side effects usually last for days or weeks and then go away.

However, serious side effects like liver damage and allergic reactions are not always common.

If these symptoms become severe or don’t go away, check with your doctor or health care provider.

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What Causes The Side Effects Of CBD Oil ?

From our findings, not all the side effects experienced when taking CBD Oil are induced by CBD itself.

#1 CBD Oil Side Effects Caused By THC Contamination

CBD Oil is sold in full spectrum tinctures, which when derived from marijuana as opposed to industrial hemp may have high levels of THC, causing side effects in the body.

A study in February 2020, proves that one reason people experience side effects after taking CBD Oil is due to a high level of THC contamination.

In that study, 67 samples of CBD products were analysed to prove this theory.

25% of the samples contained THC, which exceeded the lowest observed adverse effect level (LOAEL) of 2.5 mg THC per day and were found to be harmful to health.

While 43% of the samples analysed, were classified as unsuitable for human consumption and potentially toxic to the body.

Of all the 67 samples used in the study, none of them were fully compliant with the European food regulations.

Some brands of CBD Oil tested had THC levels as high as 30mg, which exceeds the amount of THC considered to be unsafe for the body (around 10-20mg).

These results prove that THC contamination could be the primary reason people experience CBD oil side effects.

#2 CBD Oil Side Effects Caused By Preventing Drug Metabolism

Another reason why taking CBD Oil may lead to side effects is because taking CBD Oil alongside different medications may potentially harm to your body.

CBD Oil is known to prevent the cytochrome P450 (a family of liver enzymes), from processing some of the drugs we take.

While some drugs are less effective after being processed in the liver, others become effective.

In all, the metabolism of these drugs makes it safe for your organs.

Studies show that CBD Oil prevents the liver enzyme, cytochrome P450 from processing over 60% of prescribed drugs.

When this happens; there may be an increase in the amount of these substances in your body, causing side effects.

#3 CBD Oil Side Effects Caused By High Dosage

There are no specific dosages for CBD Oil because people interact with CBD in different ways.

While smaller concentrations work great for some people, others may need to take high concentration or dosages to feel positive effects.

From what we know, taking as much as 1500mg of CBD Oil per day can be well tolerated in humans.

However, further studies as well as personal experiences show that taking high doses of CBD Oil may or may not cause side effects.

#4 CBD Oil Side Effects Caused By Detoxification

When taking CBD oil; you may go a process of detoxification for a short period, and experience mild side effects.

As your body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms.

It’s a normal and even healthy reaction that shows bacteria and pathogens within your system are being killed off effectively.

CBD Oil can help your body release toxic wastes more efficiently, supports hormonal detox, and keeps your body healthy and balanced through homeostasis.

What Are The Side Effects Of CBD Oil?

The side effects of CBD Oil are in two main categories.

Mild Side Effects: Mild side effects caused by taking CBD oil are; headaches, tiredness, dry mouth, fatigue, diarrhea, insomnia, changes in weight, and appetite.

Serious Side Effects: Serious side effects that can occur due to taking CBD Oil include; liver damage or injury and low blood pressure.

CBD Oil And Liver Damage:

Recent studies show that CBD Oil could cause liver damage.

If you’re currently on medications to help with liver complications, you should be cautious when taking CBD Oil.

People who took high doses of Epidiolex, a drug made from CBD had higher levels of liver enzymes in their blood.

Having higher levels of liver enzymes in the blood is a sign of liver injury or damage.

CBD Oil And Blood Pressure:

CBD Oil helps to lower high blood pressure caused by stress and other factors in people.

If you take medications to help lower your blood pressure, you must take caution when using such medications with CBD Oil.

CBD Oil interacts with certain medications and may cause your blood pressure to drop too low. (1)

People with hypotension should closely monitor the effects of CBD on their blood pressure when increasing the dosage or trying out new products.

Safety Warnings: What Are The Next Steps To Take?

There are over 1000 Brands of CBD products out there, with 70% of those products mislabeled by manufacturers.

A lot of these manufacturers do not follow laid down guidelines by regulatory bodies when producing such products and hide under the guise of nutritional supplements.

You should be careful when buying CBD products and try as much as possible to buy from brands with proven track records.

Because purchasing and making use of wrongly labeled products may lead to complications and cause severe damage.

Always Consult Your Doctor:

Before trying out new CBD products; replacing drugs and treatment methods, we advise that you consult your doctor for proper medical advice.

Certain medications interact negatively with CBD Oil in the body, which could cause mild or severe side effects.

A doctor would help you determine what dosage of CBD Oil you should be taking, when to take and when not to take CBD Oil.

What Brand Of CBD Oil do We Recommend?

We recommend taking Hempworx CBD Oil because of its proven track record and transparency.

Hempworx Brand of CBD Oil is among the top complaint brands in the US that carry the USA round table seal of approval.

They provide third-party testing and have their certificate of analysis published on every batch produce.

You can place an order for Hempworx CBD Oil today on our shop and get it delivered to your door post anywhere in Nigeria.

Hempworx Full Spectrum CBD Oil In Nigeria

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