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Nowadays, people opt for natural routes to find solutions to various health challenges.

Majority of those who make use of natural remedies like CBD claim it helps to bring total wellness; by treating the root cause of their problems.

However, there are lots of unanswered questions about CBD oil and cancer.

CBD, short for Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive component found in the cannabis plant, that has blown in popularity over the years.

With claims of helping people with chronic illnesses, anxiety, blood sugar regulation, and loads of other health benefits.

But could CBD oil be of help in the fight against cancer and tumors?

In this blog post, we share with you what clinical evidence, studies, and research say about interactions between CBD and cancer cells.

Let’s get started…

CBD Oil and Cancer

Quick Recap on Cancer and its Causes:

There are over a hundred types of cancer that affect both humans and animals.

While some are caused by lifestyle habits like poor dieting and smoking, genetic factors and aging could also increase the risk of getting cancer.

Other times, the causes of cancer are not known but researchers suggest it could be a result of accumulating cell damage over time.

When cancer affects a person, certain cells in the body begin to mutate and function abnormally, spreading fast and invading healthy cells.

These cancerous cells cause damage and destroy body tissues.

The symptoms of having cancer include bleeding, prolonged coughing, pains, and formation of tumors.

CBD Oil For Managing Cancer Related Symptoms:

Most cancer patients have to go through pain; which affects them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Inflammations caused by tumors, internal pressure on organs, and side effects of cancer treatments, contributes to pain experienced by cancer patients.

CBD Oil has anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects, which come as a result of interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors.

A review of five studies carried out, to find out the effects of CBD on cancer-related pain, shows that CBD helped to significantly decrease the amount of pain experienced by cancer patients.

Researchers recommend CBD Oil for cancer patients, as it not only helps to relieve cancer-related pain but other symptoms like nausea and loss of appetite.

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CBD Oil and Cancer: Does CBD Oil Help To Kill Cancer Cells?

Current research on CBD oil and cancer shows promising results; as CBD Oil could be a possible remedy for fighting against cancer and tumors.

Studies carried out within and outside the human body (in vitro and in vivo), shows that CBD has anti-proliferative effects on cancer cells.

Which interferes with different stages of tumor formation.

Researchers suggest that CBD may help to prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells (metastasis), to other parts of the body.

CBD Oil also shows positive results in human and animal studies, as CBD helped to kill cancerous cells and cause them to self-destruct (apoptosis).

Let’s get into the details, here are what clinical evidence and studies say about CBD and Cancer.

CBD Oil Helps To Prevent The Growth and Spread Of Cancer:

A 2019 Study on the effects of CBD on lung cancer, breast, colon, and prostate cancer showed lots of positive results.

As CBD interferes and disrupts different stages of the tumor formation process.

CBD prevented colon cancer and prostate cancer cell growth and decreased tumor size.

It also supported the activity of antioxidant substances that prevents cancer cells from spreading.

When tested for its effects on lung cancer, CBD decreased the production of substances within cancerous cells that prevented spreading beyond the tumor site.

CBD Oil Helps Supports Death Of Cancer Cells:

Studies show CBD may help prevent cancer cells from invading healthy cells, stop their growth, and kill cancerous cells.

In trials within and outside the body, CBD inhibited the growth of aggressive breast cancer cell lines and brain cancer cells.

It caused their cancer cells to self-destruct and die off.

Another study carried out on human gastric cancer cell lines shows that CBD could have therapeutic effects on gastric cancer.

In that study, after treating gastric cancer cell lines with CBD, it helped to arrest the cancerous cell cycle.

This prevented them from growing and multiplying rapidly, causing apoptosis.

Researchers suggest CBD has potential anti-tumor mechanisms that induce cell death and prevent cancer cell proliferation.

CBD Oil For Anti-Tumor Effects:

Studies show CBD has potential anti-tumor effects, by targeting the ECS and affecting cell processes responsible for tumor formation and development.

Numerous studies show that when all cannabinoids present in the hemp plant work synergistically, they stop tumor growth and prevent cancer cell invasion.

People who take full spectrum CBD Oil tinctures with less than 0.3% THC may also benefit from the potential effects of THC.

THC which interacts with receptors present in the brain has also proven to support cancerous cell death and anti-tumor effects.

CBD Oil For Preventing Cancer:

Substances that cause cancer in humans and animals are known as carcinogens.

Just like poor lifestyle habits and smoking of cigarettes could lead to cancer, chronic inflammation is also a major player.

Chronic inflammation being a major player in causing cancer, can be prevented by supplementing the body’s endocannabinoid system with CBD Oil.

CBD oil has been proven to have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

This would help prevent the immune system from attacking healthy cells and tissues and ultimately, reduce the risk of getting cancer.

In essence, CBD could be a potential anti-cancer remedy, with little to no side effects.

CBD Oil Dosage For Cancer:

Due to limited studies, there are no precise doses or delivery methods of CBD Oil recommended for cancer patients.

Cancer patients who participated in these studies were allowed to use any dose of CBD oil that worked best for them without exceeding a certain limit.

In one of the studies we reviewed, cancer patients were given CBD in different ways; from CBD capsules to bottled tinctures and CBD spray.

From what we know, CBD Oil taken sub-lingually using bottled tinctures helps to get it faster into the bloodstream.

So if you’re taking CBD oil for cancer, we recommend starting with a small dose and then slowly increasing it until you get the desired results.

What Brand Of CBD Oil Do do We Recommend?

With over a thousand brands of CBD oil in the market, it is sometimes difficult choosing the right high-quality cbd oil products to buy.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve picked and personally selected the best CBD Oil tinctures in the market place.

To ensure you’ll be getting total value for your money.

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Final Thoughts On CBD Oil and Cancer

From the studies we’ve seen, CBD Oil has shown promising effects in the fight against cancer and tumors.

CBD oil not only helps to bring relief from cancer-related pain and prevent the risk of cancer, but it has also proven to stop the growth and spread of cancerous cells.

It causes cancer cell death and also decreases the growth of tumors.

CBD oil has been a game-changer in the health and wellness industry, and we’re yet to explore some of its amazing benefits.

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