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Are there natural ways for you to get bigger boobs? Yes, there are.

Although genes, hormones, and age play important roles in developing your breast size, eating the right diets, a few lifestyle changes here and there can help your boobs grow bigger.

Lots of women and girls crave for bigger boobs, so you’re not alone on this journey.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong in desiring firmer and bigger boobs, they make you look good, feel good and boosts your overall confidence.

Bigger Breasts Naturally

Most women prefer a natural approach to get bigger boobs than having implants and undergoing multiple surgeries.

It’s bad enough to have your breasts cut open and an artificial material placed inside.

Then the horror stories and reports of problems suffered by women who opted for surgeries and artificial breast implants.

Yikes! Well, worry no more.

If you’re looking to get bigger boobs, larger and firmer breasts naturally, I’ve got you covered.

In this blog post, I’m going to be sharing with you 15 natural ways to get bigger boobs without surgery.

Let’s get started…

Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

1) Making Use Of Natural Breast Enlargement Creams

Your breasts are made up of several components like supportive tissues, ducts, muscles, and fatty tissues.

When your breasts grow, there are certain hormones in your body responsible for their growth.

These hormones are known as growth hormones, estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin.

Natural breast enlargement creams help to produce similar hormones responsible for breast growth.

When these hormones are fed to your breast tissues, it causes your breast tissues to grow and increase your breast size overall.

Increasing the amount of these hormones, like estrogen and progesterone in your body would help to enlarge your breasts naturally and give you bigger boobs.

A study conducted at the University of Vienna Medical School proves that administering these growth hormones are effective for breast enlargement.

46.7% of the women who participated in the study successfully saw their breast sizes increase after taking an insulin-like growth factor.

Choosing A Natural Breast Enlargement Cream That Works:

Using natural breast enlargement cream is a great way to increase your breast size for bigger boobs.

But when it comes to choosing a natural breast enlargement cream that works, it usually isn’t an easy process.

Why? Because the market is flooded with lots of products that claim to be effective for breast enlargement but in reality, they are not effective in any way.

So it’s quite difficult in getting a breast enlargement cream that would give you firmer and perkier boobs.

Ideal breast enlargement creams are made from natural ingredients, herbs, and plants like Papaya & Pueraria Mirifica that contain great amounts of phytoprogesterone.

There are two best selling natural breast enlargement creams you can use to get firmer, perkier and bigger boobs. They are;

i) Aichun Beauty Breast Lift Cream

Aichun Beauty Breast Lift Cream is our top choice for herbal breast enlargement creams that work great for bigger boobs and firmer breasts.

It is made from natural and herbal ingredients like Pueraria Mirifica, proven to be super effective in helping you grow larger and perkier boobs.

Aichun Beauty Breast Enlargement Cream does not only help to increase your breast size, but it also reduces stretch marks and improves the skin texture surrounding your breasts.

One feature that makes Aichun Beauty Breast Enlargement Cream stand out, is its ability to enlarge the size of your breasts fast.

Aichun is super effective in tightening and nourishing your boobs, making them look more attractive with well-defined curves and cleavage.

You can get Aichun Beauty Breast Lift Cream on Jumia.

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ii) Bella Cream Natural Breast Enlargement And Firming Cream

Our second choice of natural breast enlargement cream that works is Bella Cream Natural Breast Enlargement And Firming Cream.

It is an effective blend of natural and herbal ingredients proven to enlarge your breasts and make them more attractive.

Bella Cream works effectively to give you firmer, perkier and bigger boobs by stimulating your breast tissues to grow and have more defined feminine shape.

It’s uniquely made for deep absorption into your breasts, to help your boobs grow faster and fuller in appearance.

Bella Cream also helps in enhancing the skin texture of your boobs and keeps them moisturized.

You can get Bella Cream Natural Breast Enlargement Cream on Jumia.

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How To Effectively Apply Breast Enlargement Creams For Best Results:

Here are a few tips and tricks you can use when applying these breast enhancement creams.

  1. Make sure you follow the instructions given on how to apply these creams on your boobs so they’ll work effectively for you.
  2. Before applying these creams on your breasts, make sure you take a warm shower. It opens up your skin pores and allows the creams to be absorbed faster.
  3. Spread the recommended amounts of these enhancement creams on your fingertips and gently massage your breasts in a circular motion.
  4. Repeat this process twice a day or according to the recommended duration for the products.

Taking A More Natural Approach To Breast Enlargement:

If you decide to go for even more natural ways to enlarge your breasts, there are a couple of options you can opt for.

From natural herbs, essential oils to dieting, there are more ways to increase your breast size, here are some natural methods that would work for you

Natural Herbs For Breast Enlargement

2) Making Use Of Natural Herbs & Oils For Breast Enlargement

There are lots of herbs, plants and essential oils you can use to enhance your breasts size.

Some examples of these herbs that help with breast enlargement are; Pueraria Mirifica, Red Clover, Fenugreek, Fennel Seeds, Licorice and Saw Palmetto.

Some of these herbs can’t be eaten or consumed raw, so popular ones like Pueraria Mirifica are added to breast enlargement creams.

Others like red clover, saw palmetto and fenugreek are made into supplements and oils.

This makes it easier and safer to apply or ingest these herbs for steady growth and breast enhancement.

You can get these herbs online or at your local organic shop.

Note: Before taking these herbal supplements for breast enlargement, you may want to check with your healthcare provider.

Because some of these herbs are known to interfere with certain medications, it won’t hurt to clarify before giving them a try.

3) Eating Right Diets For Breast Enhancement

In some cases, the sizes of your boobs are equivalent to what you eat and how often you eat certain meals.

As I earlier mentioned, there are certain hormones in your body responsible for your breast growth and development.

The primary sources of these hormones that stimulate your breasts to grow bigger come from the food you eat.

Below are some recommended tricks to adjust your diet and watch your boobs grow bigger.

4) Consider Gaining Weight With Healthy Fats

The ratio of supportive tissues to fatty tissues in your breasts is unique to you.

While some ladies have more supportive than fatty tissues, others may have less supportive tissues and more fatty tissues.

If you’re the type of lady that has more fatty tissues in your breasts, then gaining weight or increasing the number of fats in your breast would significantly fill out your boobs and increase your breast size.

The downside of gaining weight to fill out your breasts is that you can’t choose to gain fat only in your breasts.

If you decide to put on weight, it may also spread to other areas of your body like thighs, stomach and so on.

Although gaining weight isn’t very much recommended for breast enhancement if you’re overweight.

However, if you’re underweight, then gaining some weight wouldn’t be a bad option to help enlarge your breasts.

To gain weight quickly, increase your calorie intake and eat fatty foods or take the route of eating only healthy fats.

5) Eat Food Rich In Estrogen & Phytoestrogen For Bigger Boobs

Estrogen is one helpful female hormone that plays a very unique role in developing and increasing your breast size.

At the time you hit puberty, the estrogen hormone kicks in. The more your body produces this hormone, the bigger your boobs grow.

Phytoestrogen, on the other hand, boosts levels of estrogen. It helps with breast enhancement by targeting your breast tissues.

Be careful to avoid foods that boost levels of the male hormone, testosterone in your body which can interfere with your breast growth.

We all know you wouldn’t want that to happen so switch to estrogen and phytoestrogen-rich diets.

There are foods rich in estrogen and phytoestrogen you can take to increase your boobs.

Below are some food options and combinations that’ll help fill out and grow bigger boobs

6) Boost Your Protein Intake With Enriched Milk

Gain Weight To Enlarge Breasts

If you want the boobs of your dreams, then you want to avoid eating unbalanced diets, because they make your boobs go droopy, saggy and unattractive.

When you take protein and carbohydrate-rich diets in the right amounts, you’re on your way to bigger and firmer boobs.

One great source of protein that contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need for breast tissue growth is from Milk.

Cow Milk most especially is rich in estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin, which are the main growth hormones needed for your breasts to grow bigger and perkier.

Taking a glass of protein-filled milk every day wouldn’t hurt, it doesn’t only help with increasing the size of your boobs it also has other positive functions in your body.

Milk Protein helps to create and repair tissues including those in your breasts but if taking a glass of milk seems too plain for you, then spice it up.

You can try going for some delightful combinations of milk rich smoothies, milk & papaya juice or banana milkshake to help enhance your boobs.

7) Increasing Your Body’s Growth Hormone & Prolactin Levels

Just like progesterone and estrogen, growth hormones and prolactin are very much important for growing bigger boobs.

Your body produces prolactin during puberty or when you’re pregnant and your breasts need to develop for milk production.

Prolactin helps to develop your breast tissues and stimulate fat storage in your boobs.

When you introduce prolactin into your body, it tricks your system into thinking that your breasts need to grow bigger to produce milk.

The result is getting bigger and better breasts.

The human growth hormone, HGH for short is also essential for breast growth because it helps your body regenerate and produce new cells.

Just like other hormones, your body produces more quantity of the human growth hormone when you hit puberty which makes it easier for growing larger and perkier breasts.

Bodybuilders and athletes use the human growth hormone a lot, to help them tone and make major alterations in their bodies to boost their performance.

On the flip side, as you grow older the amount of these hormones produced in your body reduces.

However, there are certain foods and supplements you can take to help your body produce adequate quantities of this hormone.

8) Using Medications For Growing Bigger Boobs

Just as breast enlargement creams are rich in breast enhancing hormones, certain pills and medications also help with breast growth.

If you’re sexually active, don’t want to get pregnant and crave larger boobs then you may consider taking birth control pills.

Medications For Growing Bigger Boobs

Birth Control Pills:

Most hormonal breast control pills have estrogen and progesterone in them and as I earlier mentioned, these hormones play important roles in helping your breasts develop fully and fill out.

However, you shouldn’t take birth control pills just because you want your boobs to grow bigger, it doesn’t work that way.

For one it’ll prevent you from getting pregnant and two, there’s no actual guarantee that taking it would help your boobs grow bigger.

One of the side effects of taking birth control pills is slight breast enlargement, and there may be other severe side effects.

So make sure you consult a proper doctor or healthcare provider before making any decision whatsoever.

Physical Ways To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger:

We’ve covered a lot about natural remedies you can use to enlarge your boobs; from creams to supplements, natural herbs, spices and a whole lot more.

These methods may be effective in helping you grow bigger boobs but they would require some time to see results.

On the bright side, some several physical ways and tricks can give you the appearance of fuller and perkier boobs.

They’re very easy to do, doesn’t take much of your time and gives immediate results.

These physical ways to make your boobs look bigger are:

9) Wearing Correct Bra Size

One way to make your breasts appear fuller and grow well at the same time is by choosing the right bra size.

Wearing a bra that is either too large or too small can make your breasts look smaller than they are or just give them an awkward look.

Keep in mind that if your bra is too tight, it would make it uncomfortable and won’t give your boobs enough room for growth, if they’re worn for too long.

So ensure you measure around the fuller part of your chest to find your right bra size and avoid types of bras that make your boobs flatten and hang loosely.

10) Using Padded Or Push-Up Bras

Physical Ways For Bigger Boobs

One of the quickest and easiest ways to show off your cleavage, make your breasts look bigger and perkier is by using a well-padded or push-up bra.

If you don’t have all the time in the world to do those exercises and routines that build up muscles around your breast tissues, then you can settle for a push-up bra.

Push-up bras help to lift your breasts and provides extra padding that help to increase your breast size by several cups (up to 2-3 times bigger).

When choosing a push-up bra, go for an option that’ll make your breasts look bigger and more comfortable to put on.

You can always get them at your local retail store or buy them online.

11) Stuff Your Bra With Breast Enhancement Pads Or Socks

Most people feel this method is outdated, because of better options like push-up and well-padded bras.

Well, ladies still stuff their bras to make them look bigger and are comfortable with it.

When stuffing your bra, you want to avoid using kinds of stuff like tissues or toilet paper that might irritate your skin and won’t look natural.

If you decide to stuff your bras then make use of breast enhancement pads or socks specifically made to help your boobs look perkier.

You can place these paddings, cutlets or cookies as they’re called under or over your breasts to make them appear bigger.

12) Massage Your Boobs To Stimulate Growth

Some people recommend massage as a way to help your breasts grow bigger but there are not enough studies to back this claim.

Sources say using the right techniques and applying essential herbs and oils while massaging your breasts can stimulate slight breast growth.

Massaging helps to increase blood flow along with hormones and nutrients to your breast tissues.

If essential oils like fenugreek oil which helps in the production of estrogen are used and massage directly on the skin of your breasts, it can encourage breast tissue growth.

Read More: Four Easy Techniques When Massaging Your Boobs

13) Applying Makeup To Define Cleavage

From masking skin blemishes to improving your overall beauty, whenever makeup is used it always does wonders.

If you are a makeup savvy, then you’re in luck as this next tip helps to contour your cleavage and create an appearance of bigger boobs.

If you want to make your boobs appear fuller and larger than they are, you can contour the edges of your boobs with a dark bronzer that is one or two shades darker than your skin.

You can apply the bronzer on your hands first to make sure you’re using the right and natural shade before applying it to your breasts.

How To Contour Your Cleavage To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger:

Here are a few ways you can manipulate the bronzer to make your boobs look bigger:

  • Get all set and your bronzer ready for contouring, while putting on your bra and dress that’ll make your cleavage visible.
  • Apply a dark shade of bronzer (one or two shades darker than your skin) and contour on the top parts of your breasts in a V-shape towards your cleavage.
  • Then gently brush a highlighter over the top of your breasts and then blend in your bronzer and highlighter with another brush to give it a smooth contour and natural finish.

14) Maintaining Proper Body Posture

This is another natural and effortless way to make your breasts look bigger and perkier without having to do strenuous exercises or using breast enhancement creams.

Hunching over and bending your chest inwardly while standing or walking can make your breasts look smaller than they are.

All you have to do is add an extra boost to your breast size by maintaining good walking, standing and sitting posture always.

Stand upright at all times, you can even push out your chest slightly to raise your boobs.

If you’re having a hard time maintaining proper posture, then practice posture exercises to help straighten your back and make your chest appear larger.

15) Exercises To Enhance Your Breasts Size

If you haven’t been a fan of exercises then this is a great way for you to kick start a fitness routine for bigger boobs.

As I earlier mentioned, your boobs are made up of several components including powerful muscle groups known as the pectorals.

Simple exercises like push-ups strengthen and enlarge your pectorals, back and chest muscles which makes your breasts grow bigger and firmer.

Below are few simple exercises for you to try at home or at a gym to help enhance your breasts

Push-Ups: I must say I’ve personally tested this theory and it works great.

Push-ups are very effective in strengthening your pectoral muscles and making them firmer.

In turn, can help to lift your breasts and make them look bigger by building up muscles around your breast tissues.

Start with 2-3 sets of 10 push-ups a day and as your body gets used to it, you can gradually increase your sets to about 5 or 6.

You don’t wanna go all in and do too many push-ups at once, because it may cause tissue damage or strain your arms.

Bench Presses: This is another exercise for effectively increasing your pectoral muscles and making your boobs firmer and look bigger.

It works on your pecs, arms, chest, back as well as your shoulder muscles.

Bench presses help to build up large pecs which provide better surface area for your breasts to sit on and look fuller.

When doing this exercise you may want to start with 3-4 sets of 12 repetitions and go with light weights.

A 20-pound barbell is great for a start as a beginner, then as your workout progresses switch to dumbbells and increase the weight.

Other simple exercises you can try at home to help increase your boobs, make them perkier and firmer are; wall press, fly lift, treadmill workouts, planks, inclined pectoral flies, butterfly, chair dip and so on.

When you do exercises that work and focuses on your pectoral muscles, it helps to enhance your boobs, make them perkier, firmer and well-toned.

Practice Patience

This is the most crucial part of growing bigger and larger boobs without surgery, there’s only one key and that is “Patience“.

If you are a matured woman or lady then you have to try methods like using breast enhancement creams, herbs and be consistent with it.

For the youngsters, there is no need to be in a hurry to increase your breasts all of a sudden, it will happen with time because you’re still growing.

A popular saying says anything worthwhile takes time and it resonates with growing bigger boobs and developing fuller breasts.

You have to remain consistent with these strategies and do them exactly as recommended and you’ll start seeing results.

However, if you’re in dire need of increasing your boobs, then you can try some of these physical methods like using push-up bras, contouring your cleavage or some breast enhancement pads.

Be Wary Of Scams Online

There are lots of products out there that claim to be what they’re not and even go to the point of faking testimonies to back their claims.

Be wary of them and do not fall for their schemes, I’ve done the pain of researching and picking the best choice of breast enlargement creams for you which are available on Jumia.

1) Aichun Beauty Breast Lift Cream

2) Bella Cream Natural Breast Enlargement Cream.

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Before you go, I’d like to ask which of these natural ways to enlarge your boobs have you tried before?

Please do share your experience in the comment section below or ask any questions and I’d be sure to reply to you.

Thanks for reading…


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