8 things you don’t know you can do with Xender – Xender Extra Features

Xender Features

Xender is an app basically used for sharing files between device of different types with the use of hotspot and wifi of the devices.

Beyond sharing of files, we would be showing you 8 other things you can do with Xender and without any delay, let’s get started.


1. View Hidden Folders In A Device

Xender has a feature to allow its user see hidden files. A lot of folders are hidden in a device nowadays, and one can access them only when the file manager has the ‘show hidden files‘ settings, if this settings is absent, one can use Xender by turning on the ‘show hidden files’ option in it’s ‘setting‘. And hidden folders will appear inside the file manager in Xender.

Xender Features


2. Advanced Video Player

Videos are of different format and some need extra features like the subtitle option in advanced players before they can be enjoyed. You can make use of Xender to play a video format not supported by your default android video player and also add subtitles to video, scroll forward or backward easily by tapping the side of the video twice, and also lock video screen.


3. Convert Video File To Mp3

Xender also can convert a video to a song or music. For instance, if you have a music video, you can easily extract the music from its video while still keeping the video. so you will have both the video and audio as a separate file.

This option is in the lying menu just at the base of the app as ‘ToMP3

Xender Features


4. Save Whatsapp Status

WhatsApp has released a lot of update on its messenger app, but it still hasn’t allow it users to download media files from its status after viewing them. Although some WhatsApp mod apps added this to the features of their app. There are also some third part app which would help to save photos and videos seen on WhatsApp status into one’s device.

We also discovered that Xender has this features to save WhatsApp status media files to phone.

You can save WhatsApp status via Xender app by click on ‘Social‘ at the base of the app.

Xender Features


5. Download Instagram Photos And Video

Apart from saving WhatsApp status, you can also download media files from other social media apps, like the Instagram, you can easily download photos and videos from instagram by just clicking a button, just a button.

This feature lies in the second part of the ‘Social‘ aspect of the apps.

Xender Features


6. Download Facebook, Twitter And TikTok Photos And Videos

Still in the ‘Social‘ aspect of the app, you can download photos and videos from other social media platforms from the third part of it.

All you have to to is to copy the link to a post from these platforms mentioned and you can download by clicking on the ‘paste&download’ button

Xender Features


7. Download Top Music

Xender also can be used to discover and download top music.

You can get top music by navigating to the side menu of the app and clicking ‘Top Music‘. You will find different music available for download.


8. Find Location Of Files

Finally, you may have a file on your device, but do not know the exact location of the file on your phone. Xender can help you find the location (directory path) of files beginning from pictures, videos, music and so on.

This can be done by holding the file for few seconds and the properties of the file will show up one of which is the directory path to where the file is located.

Xender Features


These are the things you can do with the Xender other than for sharing files. We hope you make use of the other features of Xender inorder to maximize the app and not making take up space on your device.

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